News /ENG/

  • June 16th Our Kofi suddenly passed away due to liver failure. It's very big loss for us. We found nursing bitch for the puppies. 
  • June 3rd Litter G was born in our kennel, 2 boys and 5 girls. All the puppies already have their owners. 
  • April 29th Kofi is pregnant
    Puppies will be born at the beginning of June. Father of the litter is young and promising male.

    Revolution Breeze
    Let There Be Rock
    Healt: HD A, ED 0/0, PRA-rcd4 carrier, full dentition, scissor bite
    Show: JCH PL, Anw. DCH VDH, CAC, CACIB, BOS, Młodzieżowy Zwycięzca Klubu

    If you are interested, contact us on e-mail or Facebook Manon Lescaut.

  • We are planning puppies
    We are currently waiting for Kofi's seasons. Puppies will be available in August and we're still taking reservations. Father of the litter will be published soon.
  • March 5th Last day in Albertovec
    Our last hunting day in Albertovec this season.
  • March 4th Kennel Gjendesheim
    Puppies were born in kennel Gjendesheim in Norway. Grandfather of the litter is our homebred Deauville Manon Lescaut.
  • March 3rd X-ray results
    We got our x-rays results back.

    Fazer Manon Lescaut "Fifi" - HD A, ED 0/0
  • January and February
    We were in pheasantry most of the time, all three of our dogs were working.